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Boundaries-less Phone Services

Convenience & Cost saving IDD
Through our intelligent routing hub, we actively search the least cost and most clear channel for every call. This arrangement enable Worldnet to offer low cost but high quality and stable IDD service to users.

Global Calling Card
Our global calling card covers most of the frequent travel countries, if not all. User can make a IDD call at any telephone when abroad, saving the long bills by hotels and mobile phone. In addition, we provide consolidate invoice for easy cost allocation for each project.

Messaging Service
Busy tone, out of paper, tone low, paper jam, queuing up ... if these are what your fax machine giving you, think about Worldnetbox! Worlnet's messaging service for the most busy office, Fax-to-email and Email-to-fax services. With Worldnetbox, you can send and receive fax right at your PC. When receiving, we convert incoming Fax messages into electronic file and email to you. Or you can send a fax to any fax machine in the world as simple as sending emails.

Web Hosting Service
Think of put yourself on the Net? Don't have to invest million in hardware, we have multiple data centers in Hong Kong to ensure smooth traffic when your valuable partner visit your site. In addition, our worry-free system recovery backups all your important data and content for you.

To learn more how our services can save your expenses, improve your efficiency and effectiveness, please contact our sales professionals.

Serving you with excellency!

At Worldnet, we value our customers through our excellent services quality. At here, we put "Offer the best Value for Money" as our quality policy.


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