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¡§Boundaries-less Phone Service¡¨ not only breaks the boundaries of, broadband, fixed line network and mobile network, it integrates broadband connection and China Telephone Number into a cross-border communication solution. With a fixed monthly fee, ¡§Boundaries-less Phone Service¡¨ customer can make unlimited phone calls with business partners overseas. It is a revolutionary breakaway from the traditional IDD service charge, further support to realize its objective ¡V ¡§Easy to use, Economical, Call anytime¡¨
Service Covers

Unique Features - One-Stop Solution
Service areas include consultancy, installation and maintenance, fulfilling communication needs in China and Hong Kong simultaneously. Our technical support teams and customer service teams in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taiwan are ready to provide after-sales support.

The service can be connected to device at either end, supporting PBX system.

Remote Dial-in
You and your customer can call locally any landline or mobile phone in China to reach your Hong Kong office at a fixed local competitive tariff. So you can maintain closer contact with your distant office while encouraging customer contact and improving your customer service.

Simple and Hassle-free Installation
Just plug the device into your current broadband Internet connection. No technical knowledge is required. We provide all the services, including connectivity, hardware set-up and maintenance. Just relax and enjoy our full support.

Ease of Use
Use the Boundaries-less Phone like a traditional telephone, with Chinese Telephone Number via broadband connection. Pick up when it rings. Dial out anytime. This service easily suits into your China office and Hong Kong office.
Quality Service
You can make calls much easier and still enjoy the same voice quality.

Possess a China Telephone Number, Capture Enormous Business Opportunities
WorldNet¡¦s Boundaries-less phone Service provides clients with a simple, reliable and cost-effective one-stop solution of cross-border communication, indispensable for the expansion of your business in China.
WorldNet¡¦s Boundaries-less Phone Service helps you take advantage of having a China Telephone Number via broadband provided by two major telecommunication operators to maintain reliable and cost-effective. The innate scalability of this service can be leveraged at any level from city to region to global, making it ideal for both multinational corporations and fast-growing local companies.

Fixed Price with Unlimited Calls
Just pay a monthly flat-rate and be connected locally and internationally with a Chinese Telephone Number.
Strong Support

WorldNet is strongly supported by two major China Telecommunication operators.



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